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Carroll County MD Building Permits & Fees (Updated 2021)

No matter what state you live in, including Carroll County, Maryland, permits are almost always required if you're planning on making some changes to your home. This rings especially true if you're planning any sort of home renovation, addition, or remodel. Here's a simple guide on how to get started with the permit process and how much it will cost you!

Submitting a Building Permit Application

Due to the current pandemic, applying for a Carroll County building permit is a tinge more complicated than usual, though you won't have to deal with anything too extravagant. Applications for building permits will currently only be accepted by appointment (Electrical, gas, plumbing, and fire permits can be submitted via their building's drop-box, appointment, or mail-in). To schedule an appointment, call the government permits office at 401-386-2674. Be sure to check the website's current safety requirements before going in!

Carroll County Building Permit Fees

Once you've determined whether or not you'll actually need a permit, it's important to note what fees you'll have to pay, as they can easily stack up. Each building permit requires a filing fee, but the pricing can vary depending on the specifics of what you'll be doing.

Residential Fees

  • New Residential Construction: $170 plus $0.12 per sq. ft. (this includes a $70 filing fee)

  • Additions, Garages, Pole Building, Sheds (over 500 sq. ft.): $60 plus $0.12 per sq. ft.

  • Carports, sheds (500 sq ft or less), porches, decks, gazebos: $60

  • Interior/Exterior alterations, repairs, remodeling, finished basements: $85 (includes $60 filing fee)

  • Swimming Pools, above ground & in-ground: $60 for above ground, $120 for in-ground (includes $60 filing fee)

  • Detailed building permit fees: see the government website.


If you'd like to see a complete list of every possible fee (or if you're looking for commercial permits and fees), then be sure to check out the fee schedule on the Carroll County government website

Have Any Other Questions About Carroll County Building MD Permits?

If you're still unsure or curious about the county's permits and fees, feel free to ask a question in the comments below! BasementRemodeling.com has remodeled countless basements in Carroll County, MD and we know the permit process inside and out! Keep in mind that this article reflects current 2020 pricing schedules. We'll update this article or write a new one next year if the fees and/or requirements change!

Basement Finishing in Carroll County

If you reside in Carroll County, and you would rather have a licensed and experienced basement remodeling company handle permitting for you, click the link below for your location, and get in touch today!

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Basement finishing in Carroll County

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