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Want to know what our previous clients have to say about their basement remodeling and basement finishing experiences with BasementRemodeling.com? Simply click on a logo to read the BasementRemodeling.com reviews on our company profile.

As our basement remodeling and basement finishing reviews show, BasementRemodeling.com is the best Maryland basement remodel company to service Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia. This definitely means something to us, and we think it should mean something to you, too! You can also scroll down to read BasementRemodeling.com reviews directly from this page.

  • Basement of Curtis Francisco's review
    Curtis Francisco
    Stars: 0

    We could not be more satisfied as we are with Eric Campbell and his team at BasementRemodeling.com.

    08/05/2021 Maryland
  • Basement of Thomas Bath's review
    Thomas Bath
    Stars: 0

    BasementRemodeling.com is a very professional group.  We were impressed with the company from the initial consultation to the finished job.

    03/06/2021 Virginia
  • Basement of Lucas Swanepoel's review
    Lucas Swanepoel
    Stars: 0

    BasementRemodeling.com finished our nearly 100 year old unfinished DC row-house basement.

    10/10/2020 District of Columbia
  • Basement of Laura Beers's review
    Laura Beers
    Stars: 0

    We completely remodeled our partially finished basement with BasementRemodeling.com this fall. We tore out all of the existing walls, and redrew the floor plan to create a finished rec room, office/guest room and full bathroom and an unfinished laundry/fu

    07/22/2021 Maryland
  • Basement of Rick Denham's review
    Rick Denham
    Stars: 0

    We are so excited to use our newly remodeled basement! This has changed our lives and made living in our home so much better! 

    12/05/2020 District of Columbia
  • Basement of Joe Santanello's review
    Joe Santanello
    Stars: 0

    Having had work done to our home in previous years we had never been confident to pass along any referrals, until now, with ACH Group/BasementRemodeling.com!!

    01/12/2021 Virginia
  • Basement of Chris Lange's review
    Chris Lange
    Stars: 0

    After 10 years in our house my wife and I decided to finally move forward with finishing our basement.

    07/05/2021 Maryland
  • Basement of Charles Fercazzi's review
    Charles Fercazzi
    Stars: 0

    We are very satisfied with our new basement. Eric, Bindu, and the rest of the staff were professional and extremely hard working.

    05/26/2021 Maryland
  • Basement of John Chavez's review
    John Chavez
    Stars: 0

    Our basement was destroyed in the recent flooding experienced in Pavel. Pavel gave us a fair estimate for the work

    04/16/2021 Virginia
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