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Want to know what our previous clients have to say about their basement remodeling and basement finishing experiences with BasementRemodeling.com? Simply click on a logo to read the BasementRemodeling.com reviews on our company profile.

As our basement remodeling and basement finishing reviews show, BasementRemodeling.com is the best Maryland basement remodel company to service Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia. This definitely means something to us, and we think it should mean something to you, too! You can also scroll down to read BasementRemodeling.com reviews directly from this page.

  • Basement of Tanya Lervik's review
    Tanya Lervik
    Stars: 0

    They made the process nearly painless with detailed quote info and consistent communication.

    01/13/2023 Maryland
  • Basement of Alvin Duque's review
    Alvin Duque
    Stars: 5

    We love our basement! We used Basement remodeling to finish our basement, and it looks great.

    12/15/2022 Maryland
  • Basement of David Whitfield's review
    David Whitfield
    Stars: 0

    We had a great experience with Basement Remodeling.

    12/04/2022 Virginia
  • Basement of Kym Gunthorpe's review
    Kym Gunthorpe
    Stars: 0

    After reviewing several contractors, I selected Basement Remodeling because I loved the detailed original estimate with all the cost broken down.

    11/20/2022 Maryland
  • Basement of Claire Anderson's review
    Claire Anderson
    Stars: 0

    We had our basement renovated in January 2022, and every time we go downstairs, we comment, "Wow, they did such a great job."

    10/26/2022 Maryland
  • Basement of Valarie Sheppard's review
    Valarie Sheppard
    Stars: 0

    Expert, professional team. Project was done timely and looks beautiful.

    10/06/2022 Maryland
  • Basement of Alan Fader's review
    Alan Fader
    Stars: 0

    After searching several contractors, I was impressed with the process with BasementRemodeling.com!

    09/14/2022 Maryland
  • Basement of Annie Snider's review
    Annie Snider
    Stars: 0

    We were absolutely thrilled with the team at BasementRemodeling.com and the work they did finishing the basement in our 90 year-old house.

    07/29/2022 Washington DC
  • Basement of Jameson Kisling's review
    Jameson Kisling
    Stars: 0

    I had a great experience using Basement Remodeling. I liked that they sent a schedule each week outlining what to expect.

    06/16/2022 Maryland
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