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Basement Finishing / Remodeling, Project #3 , Clarksville, MD

750 SQ. FT.

Project Description:

Simple sophistication is the theme of this elegant Clarksville, MD basement renovation project, which shows how proper lighting can make a downstairs dwelling truly shine. Extra-large, semi-flush ceiling lights adorn a spacious wet bar area, replete with granite countertops, modern amenities, sapphire blue walls, and peace yellow cabinetry. The bedroom is crocodile green with white trimming for an organic, outdoorsy feel; double-hung French windows, inlaid ceiling lamps, and door-mounted mirrors open the room to its fullest potential (and provide plenty of breathing room). The full-sized bathroom with tiled walls is especially bright and cheerful thanks to an abundance of well-placed windows and square ceiling-mounted LED panel lamps.

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