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Thinking about redoing your basement but wondering how much it's going to cost? We have developed this basement remodeling cost calculator to give you an easy way to find out how much to budget in for your upcoming basement renovation in the DMV area.

The way this works is very simple: just hit the blue button below, and fill out the online quote form with the parameters of your basement and what you would like to see in it once the remodel is done (e.g. a bathroom or a kitchenette). After that, you will receive a pdf with detailed explanation of the type of work that will be required, as well as a price range.

Please note, there are quite a few similar tools out there. However, most of them concentrate on only some, most straightforward, aspects of basement remodeling - framing, painting, drywall installation, and etc. While conveniently simple, such tools often overlook the costs most home owners do not even think about before getting started with their basement renovation, such as fees for permits and inspections. Depending where you are in the DMV, these hidden costs can add up to several thousands of dollars! This is why we designed our own basement finishing calculator - one that will give you the most complete price range for a basement remodel in Maryland, DC, or Northern Virginia. So what are you waiting for? Hit the button below and find out how much your new basement will cost!

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