Frederick County MD Building Permits & Fees

This is a simple guide outlining every Frederick County MD permit you could need if you're planning to start a building, remodeling, or refinishing project this 2020. We've included all of the relevant fees and links to the forms for each permit.

Frederick County, Maryland Building, Plumbing, Electrical, Mechanical, & Permits & Fees

Frederick County requires submitting a permit application in person at their office on 30 N. Market Street between 8 am - 3 pm, but you can pay the fee online. A permit is pretty much required for any type of project, and will cost you at least $50, depending on the circumstances. Note that these fees are likely to increase in 2021.

Residential Building Permit Fees:

  • New construction, Single Family detached dwelling unit, per dwelling unit
    • 4,000 SF or less: $813.00
    • More than 4,000 SF and less than 6,500 SF: $973.00

  • New construction, condominiums & apartments
    • Parent structure: $216.00
    • Each dwelling unit: $434.00

  • Additions
    • 500 SF or less: $219.00
    • 501 SF to 1500 SF: $329.00
    • More than 1500 SF: $439.00

  • Garages and Pole Buildings: $518

  • Accessory structures (including sheds, gazebos, carports, pavilions, solar arrays & wind turbines)
    • 399 SF or less (a building permit is not required if less than 150 SF except for solar arrays and wind turbines): $115
    • 400 SF or more: $180

  • Decks, covered porches and screened porches (each except when more than one are applied for and they are attached; then they shall be considered one structure and will be charged one fee).
    • 500 SF or less: $90.00
    • Over 500 SF: $115.00

  • Private swimming pools and hot tubs
    • Above ground (including fence/barrier inspection): $50.00
    • In ground (including fence): $180.00

  • Alteration or Conversion
    • 500 SF or less: $110.00
    • 501 SF to 1500 SF: $219.00
    • More than 1500 SF: $329.00

Residential Plumbing Permit Fees:

Plumbing permits also have a base minimum of $50.00, with prices increasing based on the type of project.

  • New construction, One- and Two- Family detached dwelling unit, per dwelling unit
      • 4,000 SF or less
        • Including gas: $391.00
        • Excluding gas: $332.00
      • More than 4,000 SF and less than 6,500 SF
        • Including gas: $450.00
        • Excluding gas: $391.00
  • Additions, Alterations, & Accessory
    • 1 - 4 plumbing fixtures: $90.00
    • 5 - 9 plumbing fixtures: $150.00
    • 10 or more plumbing fixtures: $211.00

  • Swimming pools & Hot tubs: $50

  • Boilers, steam and hot water equipment installation: $50/per uni

  • Water-cooled air conditioning, refrigeration, Machinery, and compressor installation: $50/per unit

Check the fee schedule for a complete list of fees, and for fees regarding commercial applications.

Residential Electrical Permit Fees:

  • New construction, One- and Two- Family dwelling unit, includes low voltage work by same contractor on same application:
    • Up to 200 amp service: $269.00
    • 201 to 400 amp service: $361.00
    • More than 400 amp service: $499.00

  • Alterations, Additions, & accessory Structures (includes low voltage work by same contractor on same application): $120.00

  • Low Voltage Permit only: $120.00

  • Swimming Pools and Hot Tubs (including motors, lights, receptacles & bonding)
    • Above ground: $50.00
    • In ground: $180.00

There's quite a bit more that covers a variety of different projects, so check the official form covering each fee if you're uncertain about something.

Future Blog Updates

This list is current based on 2020 figures provided by the Frederick County government website. The fees will undoubtedly increase in 2021, at which point we'll update this blog post (or make a new one) with the new information.

Let us know in the comments below if we missed anything or if there's any other information you'd like to see here!

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