• Basement Finishing - Music Room, Light Walls

      Basement Finishing - Music Room, Light Walls

    • Basement Finishing / Remodeling, Project #7, Ellicott City, MD

      Basement Finishing / Remodeling, Project #7, Ellicott City, MD


    Music rooms

    Your basement ideas can nurture your creative side as you release your inner-artist in a fully-equipped music room! Basements make for terrific music rooms for a wide variety of reasons – they have plenty of room to hold large instruments such as pianos and drum kits, they provide great acoustics, and the underground location naturally dampens the noise to outsiders. Once you add studio equipment to record your jams and lounging furniture for spectators to sit and enjoy, building a self-propelled music career becomes a breeze. Whether you’d a prefer space that is dark and dramatic, light and open, or something completely different, our design experts can provide you with whatever aesthetic gets you in a creative mindset the most.

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