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07/05/2021 Maryland

Chris Lange's Review:

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After 10 years in our house my wife and I decided to finally move forward with finishing our basement.  It is a large space, ~1200 sq feet of finished area (included a full bath, amazing bar, main tv/living room, teens play area, and a home gym) so we knew it would be a large job.  

We did our due diligence and got quotes from several companies.  Now that the project is complete, we are very happy we decided on ACH Group as our contractor.  The space looks amazing.

Our experience has been very good overall, from the initial consultation with Tom Hummer to begin discussing the project and get the initial quote… to then moving into the actual job and meeting Eric, Mike, and Bindu… and working with each of them throughout the process.  

We wanted a company that did it by the books – ACH handled all that exceptionally – all permits were pulled timely; all inspections were completed by the county.  In all honesty, I had a few of the county inspectors compliment ACH’s work to me 

As with most projects of this size, we had our share of “situations” and “surprises” that came up.  Each time, ACH explained the issue to us clearly… answered our questions… explained our options, and then worked with us to find and implement the best possible solution.

Every crew/sub-contractor that was involved in the project were great.  They were polite, professional, respectful of our home and family (and pets), and just downright friendly and helpful.  The work area was kept very clean and orderly throughout the project. 

Eric Campbell was excellent.  Knowing how many hours he is likely working, he always made time to address my questions and concerns and did so in a timely manner.  

As we neared the end of the project there were a few things that I was very particular about… some a/v wiring issues, etc.… and despite having to undo some completed work to solve the issue, Eric did exactly that and made sure that everything was done just as I requested.

In hindsight, if there was any negative or any thing we would change, I think it would be to possibly upgrade our paint selection from a flat paint to something a bit more stain resistant.  Don’t get me wrong, the actual painting itself was fantastic – no issues with the painters - the place looks amazing and the painters did very good work.  

We’ve just realized that either the color we selected (which we love by the way), or the fact that it is a “flat” paint… or the combination of the two – have resulted in marks/smudges very quickly and from very light contact.  Lesson learned.

All in all, we are extremely happy with ACH Group and the job they did for us.  They actually finished a bit ahead of schedule on right on budget – actually, it was just slightly under budget.

I highly recommend ACH Group for your basement finishing projects.  They have been an absolute pleasure to work with, they were thorough, polite, professional, and very nice to work with.

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