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A professional and organized approach to your basement finishing or remodeling project in Maryland, Northern Virginia (NOVA) and Washington DC from a local family-owned company

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  • Charen ln New Construction
    Charen ln New Construction Potomac, MD 6800 VIEW PROJECT
  • Basement Finishing / Remodeling
    Basement Finishing / Remodeling Springfield, VA 1803 VIEW PROJECT
  • Basement Finishing / Remodeling
    Basement Finishing / Remodeling Potomac, MD 900 VIEW PROJECT
  • Row house Rebuild
    Row house Rebuild 1800 VIEW PROJECT
  • Basement Design and Renovation - Full Kitchen and Shelving Built-ins
    Basement Design and Renovation - Full Kitchen and Shelving Built-ins 1475 VIEW PROJECT
  • Basement Renovation - Exposed Brick with Hanging Lights
    Basement Renovation - Exposed Brick with Hanging Lights 1490 VIEW PROJECT
  • Basement Remodeling - Spacious Family Room with Fireplace and Kitchenette
    Basement Remodeling - Spacious Family Room with Fireplace and Kitchenette 1250 VIEW PROJECT
  • Basement Remodeling
    Basement Remodeling Alexandria, VA 576 VIEW PROJECT
  • Basement Finishing - Traditional Kitchen and Full Bath
    Basement Finishing - Traditional Kitchen and Full Bath 1400 VIEW PROJECT
  • Basement Remodeling - Home Theater Plus the Gym
    Basement Remodeling - Home Theater Plus the Gym 2200 VIEW PROJECT

Hundreds of Basements Finished

Check out our recent projects above or visit our portfolio to review all of the basements we remodeled during our 10 years in the industry.

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Our News

January, 4th 2022

As we continue to monitor the situation regarding the omicron variant of COVID-19, we would like to inform you that all possible precautionary measures are currently being put into effect. To ensure the health of our customers, employees, and indirect staff, we ask everyone to stay vigilant during this time.

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Featured on CNBC

BasementRemodeling.com was featured on House Smarts, which was aired on CNBC. This basement is located in Potomac, MD, and was completed by BasementRemodeling.com (ex- Basement Masters) during the Spring of 2019 for Mr. and Mrs. Terlinsky. Our whole team thanks Alan and Joan for the opportunity to make their dream basement come true.

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We love our clients and they love us!

Want to know what our past clients have to say about their basement remodeling experiences with BasementRemodeling.com?

  • Curtis Francisco's testimonial
    Curtis Francisco
    Stars: 0

    We could not be more satisfied as we are with Eric Campbell and his team at BasementRemodeling.com.

    08/05/2021 Maryland
  • Thomas Bath's testimonial
    Thomas Bath
    Stars: 0

    BasementRemodeling.com is a very professional group.  We were impressed with the company from the initial consultation to the finished job.

    03/06/2021 Virginia
  • Lucas Swanepoel's testimonial
    Lucas Swanepoel
    Stars: 0

    BasementRemodeling.com finished our nearly 100 year old unfinished DC row-house basement.

    10/10/2020 District of Columbia
  • Laura Beers's testimonial
    Laura Beers
    Stars: 0

    We completely remodeled our partially finished basement with BasementRemodeling.com this fall. We tore out all of the existing walls, and redrew the floor plan to create a finished rec room, office/guest room and full bathroom and an unfinished laundry/fu

    07/22/2021 Maryland
  • Rick Denham's testimonial
    Rick Denham
    Stars: 0

    We are so excited to use our newly remodeled basement! This has changed our lives and made living in our home so much better! 

    12/05/2020 District of Columbia
  • Joe Santanello's testimonial
    Joe Santanello
    Stars: 0

    Having had work done to our home in previous years we had never been confident to pass along any referrals, until now, with ACH Group/BasementRemodeling.com!!

    01/12/2021 Virginia

The overwhelmingly positive reception from our clients makes BasementRemodeling.com stand out from other basement remodeling companies in Maryland, Northern Virginia (NOVA) and DC. It definitely means something to us, and we think it should mean something to you, too!


BasementRemodeling.com is an award-winning basement remodeling and finishing company and one of the top remodeling companies in Maryland, DC, and Northern Virginia (NOVA).

  • Angies List 2011 award
  • Angies List 2012 award
  • Angies List 2013 award
  • Angies List 2014 award
  • Angies List 2015 award
  • Angies List 2016 award
  • Angies List 2017 award
  • Angies List 2018 award
  • Angies List 2019 award
  • Angies List 2020 award
  • EPA award
  • Houzz 2013 award
  • Houzz 2014 award
  • Houzz 2015 award
  • Houzz 2016 award
  • Houzz 2017 award
  • Houzz 2018 award
  • Houzz 2019 award
  • Houzz 2020 award
  • Houzz 2021 award
  • Best picks reports award
  • Porch 2020 award
  • Homeadvisor elite service award
  • Homeadvisor 3 years award
  • Homeadvisor 50 reviews award

Look what you can have in your basement

Get inspired with our Basement Ideas and save the best of them to your own collection.

  • Finished Basement - Luxurious Movie Theatre, Black Siting

    Finished Basement - Luxurious Movie Theatre, Black Siting

  • Basement Finishing - Music Room, Light Walls

    Basement Finishing - Music Room, Light Walls

  • Basement Remodeling - Movie theater in black

    Basement Remodeling - Movie theater in black

  • Basement Finishing - Beige Bathroom, White vanity, Mirror

    Basement Finishing - Beige Bathroom, White vanity, Mirror


Basement Design and 3D Visualization

Let our design software technicians help you visualize your future space with 3D generations of beautiful basement design plans. Take a look at some of our most recent 3D visualization basement remodeling and basement finishing projects below.

Upfront Transparent Predetermined Pricing for Every Client

We have an upfront and transparent pricing policy. There will never be any unexpected spendings and you will always stay on top of your budget.

Basic 1000 sq.ft. basement

Basic 1000 sq.ft. basement

  • Planning and permits
  • Framing for rooms and closets
  • Lighting and outlets
  • HVAC
  • Drywall installation and finishing
  • Doors, trim and hardware
  • Flooring (carpet)
  • Painting
Basic Bathroom

Basic Bathroom Addon

  • Framing
  • Plumbing w/o groundwork
  • Lighting, outlets, exhaust fan
  • Greenboard installation and finishing
  • Shower/tub enclosure by kohler
  • Door, trim and hardware
  • Tiled flooring
  • Vanity cabinet and Toilet
Basic Wet Bar

Basic Kitchennete Addon

  • Sink and faucet plumbing
  • GFCI outlets
  • Cabinets installation
  • Hardware
  • Countertop with sink
  • Undercounter fridge
  • Other appliances, backsplash

Our Professional Project Management Approach

  • Get an estimated cost to finish the basement
  • Initial in-home consultation
  • Visit our showroom (optional)
  • Design & final costs consultation via zoom
  • Project preparation & pre-construction meeting

At BasementRemodeling.com, we have a unique project management approach to make sure every basement remodel is completed in a timely fashion with quality results. With an exceptionally organized timeline, we know precisely what is going on at the job site every single day, without fail. Unlike other basement remodeling companies, our process is completely transparent! Take a look at our basement remodeling timeline below to see just how informed you'll be through every step of the way.

  • Preparations and permits
    Preparations and permits
  • ROUGH-IN/Framing
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical rough-in
    Electrical rough-in
  • Sprinklers (fire protection)
  • Insulation
  • Inspections
  • Drywall installation
  • Drywall finishing
  • Painting
  • Doors and trims install
    Doors and trims install
  • Wetbar/kitchenette cabinets install
    Wetbar/kitchenette cabinets install
  • Tiles installation
    Tiles installation
  • Painting
  • Electrcial (outlets/switches install)
    Electrcial (outlets/switches install)
  • LVT installation
    LVT installation
  • Painting countertop/frameless glass/enclosure installation
  • Bathroom completion
    Bathroom completion
  • Final electrcial (outlets / swithes plates and lights install)
  • Final details completion
  • Inspections
  • Carpet installation
    Carpet installation
  • Paint touch-ups
  • Quality control
    Quality control

Why Choose BasementRemodeling.com

We are different than other basement remodeling companies:


Welcomes you to our office

We always invite you to our office, where we can properly discuss all the details of your project face-to-face over a friendly cup of coffee.

Won’t invite you into their office

There may not even be an office, which means that the work is done on the fly”. This usually means the basement contractor will be hard to find if (and when) something goes wrong.

Has all necessary documentation

We are a fully insured basement contractor for Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia. See our licenses and insurance certification at the top of our homepage for more information.

Have little-to-no legal documentation

If a basement remodeling company cannot show their licenses, insurance certification, or other important documentation, it simply means they don't have it.

Has workers’ compensation insurance

We carry workers’ compensation insurance. We collect all necessary insurance certificates from all of our subcontractors, and everyone involved with your project is covered by this insurance.

Have no workers’ compensation insurance

If you like unreasonable risks, then go ahead and hire a contractor without proper workers’ compensation insurance.

Will only hire professionals

We have strong and sustainable relationships with subcontractors, which leads to confidence in project planning and implementation.

Hire unqualified staff

Many basement construction companies appeal to unskilled laborers and unreliable subcontractors to save money. Only after they have left will you notice their shoddy work.

A rigid schedule in real time

Our basement contracting reputation is everything to us. As such, we can accurately determine your basement remodeling project’s completion date with no surprises or hidden fees.

Purposefully underestimate deadlines

Some basement contractors will agree quickly to any timeline just to get the job. Afterwards, however, all you hear are excuses about delays that will cost you time and money.

Is always in touch

From signing the contract to final touches, we are a basement remodeling company that's always available on the phone and by e-mail.

Are inaccessible

A hard-to-reach basement company won’t pick up the phone or answer e-mails.

Want to learn more about how to find a contractor?

Check our Contractor FAQ

Licenses and Insurance

BasementRemodeling.com is a fully licensed and insured basement contractor in Maryland, Washington DC and Virginia. Our Virginia Class A Contractor License (VA Class A) number is 2705159425, our Maryland Home Improvement Commission License (MHIC) number is 129172 and our DC Class A Contractor License (DC Class A) number is 410516000631. We have posted copies of our basement remodeling licenses and insurance certificates below. Please note: any basement finishing or remodeling project requires a separate set of permits which should be pulled by a licensed contractor/electrician/plumber etc. You can easily check any contractors license here:


Basement Tips

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