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A dazzling new home in Rockville, MD with a gently sloping backyard features an amazing sky blue exterior with white trimming, balcony walkway, rowed windows and a spectacular stone accent wall denoting the entrance. Inside, a heavily recessed, darkened door frame with dramatic side windows creates a striking impression against a neutral backdrop of soft grays, LVT flooring and recessed row lighting. The neutral motif extends into the kitchen and dining room (complete with wraparound countertops, cabinets, and a center island), varying only slightly in the living room area by incorporating crisp white-on-white walls, ceiling and trim in contrast to darker LVT flooring. An accent wall with artificial fireplace masterfully draws the eye.

The laundry room has a stacked washer and dryer tucked away neatly across from a stairway with clean white railings and banisters that match the light tones of the LVT flooring. Four bedrooms each have an abundance of natural lighting while maintaining a distinct look and feel through sweeping architectural curves and strategic window placing. The master bathroom has separate toilets, matching extra-wide countertops with twin vanity mirrors and lighted frames, recessed lighting, and a tiled shower with a retractable wand and pull-open glass doors.

Finally, the half-submerged ground floor boasts great acoustics and fun games in the music room, with LVT flooring and neutral gray colors. A giant metallic gray garage with white trimming has enough room for any car collector. Overall, a beautiful new home with a uniform look that’s bold and inviting.


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