Basement Finishing / Remodeling, Project #3

1100 SQ. FT.

Project Description:

A contemporary basement project in Ellicott City, MD feels bright and full thanks to a stylish design with plenty of fashionable features. A voluptuous butter yellow entranceway with bi-fold closeting and a decorative column offers a clean space that’s waiting for your family’s finishing touch – be it a family room, kids’ playroom, or another basement idea that’s completely original. The charming kitchen-like wet bar features twin decorative columns, LVT flooring, wall-to-wall overhead and floor cabinetry, marble countertop surfaces with a vanity sink, and modern oven and refrigerator appliances. The buttermilk-colored full bathroom takes full advantage of limited space with an extra wide sink and marble countertop, tiled floor, shower enclosure and twin towel racks.

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