Concrete Foundation Waterproofing, Explained

Concrete Foundation Waterproofing, Explained


Concrete Foundation Waterproofing—What is it?

Concrete foundation waterproofing keeps the basement dry and ensures that your house can support its own weight. Finished or not, wet and damp basements can erode the concrete foundation as well as cause mold (along with unpleasant odors and unsightly stains). Since concrete itself is not waterproof, concrete foundation waterproofing is often a necessary step in regular home maintenance.

How It Works

Concrete foundation waterproofing can be performed in a variety of different ways. Since wet soil can become loose and cause the concrete foundation to shift, the goal is usually to keep water from pooling around or underneath your home. There are many different waterproofing methods to choose from, but the general principles are almost always the same:

  • Install drains to keep water from pooling around the concrete foundation
  • Treat the walls (either interior or exterior) to prevent water from entering the home
  • If possible, alter the topography of the land through digging so that water flows away from the concrete foundation

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