10 Important Questions to Ask Basement Remodeling Companies in Maryland

10 Important Questions to Ask Basement Remodeling Companies in Maryland


Basement remodeling companies know how to make a downstairs area look absolutely amazing, but you need to find the most reliable and trustworthy ones to make sure everything gets completed on time and within budget. Asking these questions to any potential basement remodeler (and their references) will help you quickly find the absolute best remodeling companies in Maryland!

  • “How long have you been remodeling Maryland basements?” – Newer businesses that have yet to prove themselves through multiple reviews may not be as trustworthy as an established business that has been remodeling basements in Maryland for years.
  • “Do you belong to any professional memberships?” – Membership sites like Houzz and Angie’s List will help you verify the legitimacy of a basement remodeler.
  • “Do You Have Insurance?” – Basement remodeling contractors need to have general liability insurance and a wide variety of other policies, including workers’ compensation insurance. They should also have an adequate amount of coverage.
  • “Are your warranties in writing?” – Any basement remodeling company in Maryland should be able to give you some sort of written guarantee to ensure the quality of their basement remodeling services.
  • “How long will this take?” – The best basement remodeling contractors will be able to provide you with a timeline clearly showing the sequence of events, deadlines and their cost.
  • “Do you have different material options?” – Different levels of quality and cost will help you balance the budget and still look fabulous.

Questions for Basement Company References

All of the trustworthy basement remodeling companies in Maryland will have a list of satisfied customers to contact. Be sure to ask them these questions:

  • “Were you satisfied?” – The reference will almost always say yes, but some may have a thing or two that could have gone more smoothly, and these are often vital “behind-the-scenes” details.
  • “Was the job finished on time?” – If not, why. How long did it take?
  • “Was the job finished on budget?” – If they were able to complete it underbudget, then great. If not, then what were the extra expenses and why were they incurred?
  • “Would you recommend this basement contractor?” – If they themselves would not use the basement contractor again, then you shouldn’t be expected to either.

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