How to Choose the Right Basement Windows

How to Choose the Right Basement Windows


How to Choose the Right Basement Windows

There are many different types of basement windows to choose from, but it really depends on if you have a “daylight basement” or not. A daylight basement is when your home rests on a slope and the front of the basement has one or more full-sized windows that are aboveground. If all of your basement is underground, then the basement windows are going to be wider than they are tall.

  • Hopper Windows – A classic window that has a single piece of glass that opens by tilting inward or outward (unlike awning windows, which open from the bottom). These windows are ordinarily much wider than they are tall.
  • Casement Windows – Since these windows are tall than they are wide, they are typically found in bathrooms or in daylight basements. They open like hopper windows.
  • Slider Windows – These windows are popular for the section of the basement that faces the street. As the name implies, they slide open and are great for daylight basements.

Basement Window Materials

Try to avoid using wood around your basement windows because the window is low to the ground and can attract moisture, which in turn can promote shrinkage or rot. Vinyl-framed windows can be more easily cleaned, will not attract mold, and since they have become an industry standard for basements, they are easily replaceable. Aluminum is the second most popular choice for framing basement windows.

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