A Summary of Worcester County, MD Permits and Inspections

A Summary of Worcester County, Maryland Permits and Inspections


Obtaining Worcester County, MD permits and passing inspections can be a painless process if you know what steps to take. Here is what you need to know to get Worcester County, MD permits for a basement remodeling job.

Applying for Worcester County, Maryland Permits (Residential Construction)

  • To apply, you’ll need to submit 3 “stick built” construction plans, and 4 modular ones (view the full requirements).
  • You must also include all of the appropriate information for the main contractor, including license number, so that it can be checked with the Maryland database.
  • For electrical, HVAC, and building contractors, license verification comes later.
  • If the house is not new, then sprinkler systems are not required in the plans (but they could be required later by the Fire Marshall, so you will have to schedule an inspection).
  • Foundation dimensions, thickness, framing, joist size, and spacing details are all needed.
  • A completed Worcester County 2015 IECC Energy Code form.
  • Documentation for insulation, windows and doors, and HVAC systems.
  • The airflow for ducts and doors must be performed by an approved county contractor.

How to Pass Worcester County, MD Inspections

In order to pass Worcester County, MD inspections, you must have the following checked:

  • Insulation (done by a Worcester County Inspector)
  • Air leakage (performed by a certified contractor or inspector)
  • Certificate of Compliance – this includes HVAC controls, hot water controls, duct insulation, duct and piping sealing, ventilation, sizing, and lighting equipment (inspected at the final stage by Worcester officials).

Specific zoning issues, certificates, and building code requirements can vary from project to project and will be reviewed by the building inspector. For more information of Worcester County, MD inspections, read the official FAQ.



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