Loudoun County, VA Permits and Fees (Basement Remodeling)

Loudoun County, VA Permits and Fees (Basement Remodeling)


Loudoun County, VA Permits and Fees (Basement Remodeling)

To obtain a building permit in Loudoun County, VA for your next basement remodeling project, you will need to submit a building permit application to the Building and Development Permit Counter, which can be found on the second floor of the Loudoun County Government Center (1 Harrison Street, S.E., Second Floor – Leesburg, Virginia, 20175). You must also submit three sets of plans that clearly show:

  • The name and intended purpose of each room.
  • The stairs, furnace, water heater, and the electric panelboard.
  • All smoke detectors
  • The ceiling height (the minimal ceiling height in Loudoun, VA is 7 feet, with a 6’6 minimum on any ceiling projections)
  • Bedroom Egress Window Dimensions – All bedrooms need an emergency egress exit window with a minimum of 5 square feet of net clearance (opening height), 24-inch minimum clearance opening height, and 20-inch opening width.
  • The height of the sill above the floor (after the floor is finished).

If you are remodeling a residential basement, you can use the Loudoun County Suggested Standards for Finishing Basements instead of site plans. However, this is only for residential projects that:

  • Include kitchens
  • Alter load-bearing walls, exterior walls, or beams and columns (including posts)

Commercial projects (and certain residential projects) may require additional documentation. Call a county plan reviewer at (703) 777-0220) between 8:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday to find out more. Loudoun County, VA building permits cost a minimum of $65.00.

Loudoun County, VA Electrical Permits

Loudoun County, VA electrical permits are required for adding any electrical outlets and fixtures, and the cost depends on the equipment listed on the application.

Loudoun County, VA Plumbing Permits

Loudoun County, VA plumbing permits are required for installing, setting or replacing any plumbing fixtures, and the price depends on the equipment listed on the application.

Loudoun County, VA Mechanical Permits

Loudoun County, VA mechanical permits are needed for any HVAC extensions or additions, and the cost depends on the equipment listed on the application.

Loudoun County, VA Gas Permits

Loudoun County, VA gas permits are needed for installing, moving or replacing all gas appliances, and the price depends on the type of equipment listed in the gas permit application.

Home Occupation Permits

Most residential remodeling projects will require a home occupation permit if the homeowner or any other residents will be living in the home during remodeling.

Sign Permits

You must submit, with your sign permit application, 3 copies of the sign drawings (8.5” X 14” maximum) that have the sign’s dimensions, elevation view (from the building), and the actual text. An electric permit application must be sent if the sign is electric, along with 1 copy of the hookup drawings.

Sign fees are as follows:

Commercial – $235.00 for each sign

Temporary or Residential – $10.00 for each sign

Electrical Permit – $125.00 for each sign (where applicable)

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