A Guide to Cecil County Permits for Maryland Basement Remodeling

A Guide to Cecil County Permits for Maryland Basement Remodeling


Need Cecil County permits for your next Maryland basement remodeling project? Let’s go over them all.

All applications for Cecil County building permits must be submitted in person by the contractor or a representative of the property owners, and must contain the following information:

  • Two building plan copies (three copies if it’s for Charlestown or Port Deposit)
  • Three copies of the site plan, which has the project’s location and any other structures (such as the well or septic system)
  • A completed Residential Energy Efficiency Form (depending on project type)

Prior to applying for a building permit, you will also need to obtain special permission if your project falls within the town limits of:

Here is the Cecil County building permit application form for commercial projects, and here is the Cecil County building permit application form for residential projects. Both of them cost $30.00 to apply for, and additional feels may apply when paying with a credit card, so use cash, check, or a money order!

Cecil County Permits (HVAC)

An HVAC permit application can be found here. It’s important to note that if you are going to be working with gas pipes, you’ll need a plumbing permit, not an HVAC one. For more information as to what does and does not need an HVAC permit in Cecil County, consult this brief city guide.

Cecil County Permits (Electrical)

You must be a Master or Limited electrician to perform work in Cecil County, and you must also be registered (click here to apply for registration). You can apply for an electrical permit here. If the system is 50 volts or less, no permit is required.

Cecil County Permits (Plumbing)

Only registered Master plumbers can do authorized work in Cecil County. Click here to apply for a county license. Prior to applying, you must also show your license and proof of liability insurance to the Maryland State Board of Plumbing. Otherwise, click here to apply for a plumbing permit in Cecil County, MD.

Passing Cecil County, MD Basement Inspections

For a general timeline of building, plumbing, HVAC and electrical inspections, refer to this helpful Cecil County inspection guide.

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