Five Features Your Egress Window Needs

Five Features Your Egress Window Needs


A good basement egress window needs to be structurally sound in addition to being visually pleasing. Here are five basement egress window ideas that you should implement as soon as possible.

Grind and Core the Corners

Basement contractors tend to use a concrete saw to cut an opening for the window into the foundation wall. However, the round cutting blade means that they will overcut, and these deep cuts can crack and leak overtime. Instead of overcutting with a concrete saw, professional basement contractors first core the corners of the wall and then cut a 90-degree angle with a grinder. This is a more precise way of cutting into the concrete that will not promote leaks or cracks.

Metal Liners for Window Wells

Metal window well liners can prevent wet soil from expanding and pressing against the foundation walls. When wet soil expands, it can create cracks in the foundation from the pressure. Plastic window well liners are cheaper than metal window well liners, but they tend to crack and shift over time.

Pick the Right Window

A window casement can be specifically designed with a basement egress in mind. These have quick-snapping levers instead of a crank; they also swing open wide like a door for an easy escape. Vinyl-framed windows require the least maintenance and will not rust like steel-framed windows.

Well Drains

Installing a drain outside of the egress window will prevent the well from filling with water and breaking the glass, leaving you with a flooded basement and a messy cleanup.

Privacy Covers

A strong privacy cover with a translucent lid will keep your children and pets from falling down the well, and also keep prying eyes from seeing into your basement area.


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