Are Custom Basement Cabinets Better Than Standard Cabinets?

Are Custom Basement Cabinets Better Than Standard Cabinets?


When you own a luxury home; or business, installing custom basement cabinets will convey an appropriate atmosphere of your choosing. Aesthetic choice is the main reason for most custom basement cabinets. However, there are plenty of non-cosmetic reasons why custom basement cabinets are far better than their mass-produced counterparts. 

Custom Basement Cabinet Design

Custom basement cabinets, unlike standard cabinet designs, can be built to specific measurements. Basement storage cabinets, basement kitchen cabinets, and basement bar cabinets are the three most popular designs.

Since they are an exact fit, custom basement cabinets do not have to use what’s known as a filler strip to cover gaps. A filler strip has to match the natural grain or it will look bad, a problem which custom basement cabinets do not have. Adhesives, screws or bolts are used to install filler strips, leaving room for additional setbacks and delays. Even when filler strips are successfully installed, there is less storage space overall..

Storage space and visual appeal aside, custom cabinets are structurally superior to standard cabinets in every other way. Professional basement remodelers will handpick the solid wood inventory to make sure the highest quality materials are selected for the final product. Mass producers will not check for defects as closely as basement remodeling experts do (including after the finished product is ready for installation).

Contact Basement Masters for Custom Cabinet Remodeling is the company of choice for basement remodeling in Maryland, Virginia and Washington DC. The tri-state area trusts our experienced and professional crew to implement stunning woodwork designs using only the highest quality materials and most efficient methods of installation available.

When you are ready for the best basement remodeling company in Maryland, is ready to enhance your high-end home or place of business. Call 301-250-1939 or contact us online to get more information about how our custom basement cabinets can drastically improve any property.


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