7 Things to Know About Basement Finishing

7 Things to Know About Basement Finishing


Basement finishing does add value to any property, but typically only basement contractors know how to finish an unfinished basement the right way. The best finished basements always keep some expert finishing tips in mind (brought to you by BasementRemodeling.com, the best basement remodeling company in Maryland).

7 Essential Basement Finishing Tips:

  1. Build to maximize value – Whether you are focusing more bedrooms, better basement storage, or deluxe entertainment options, basement finishing does add value to a property when done correctly. Finishing a basement will increase the value of a property per square foot, though it does not increase the amount of square footage shown in a listing. Basement contractors will know exactly which basement finishing improvements add the most value on the market.
  2. Maximize the available light – Basements need to have plenty of light, sure, but it’s much more than that. The light has to hit at just the right angles to show off the architecture in an inviting way; different paint colors also need different amounts of light.
  3. Eliminate moisture – Moisture is the enemy of any basement finishing project. The HVAC must be adequately circulating the air to avoid any moisture-causing humidity. The drainage system (gutters, gutter shields etc.) must be carrying water far enough away from your basement’s foundation to prevent basement leaks.
  4. HVAC – Your old heating, ventilation and air condition (HVAC) system may not be equipped to handle the basement and the upstairs floors at the same time, resulting in lowered performance levels and a shortened lifespan. Basement contractors will make sure you have an HVAC that can handle a finished basement in addition to the rest of your home.
  5. Use below grade flooring – Basement flooring requires different materials than the rest of the home. LVT flooring, for example, is resistant to moisture and perfectly emulates many different surface types.
  6. Radon – Invisible radioactive gas can sometimes leak from the soil into your basement. Contractors will make sure your basement is thoroughly tested and sealed to keep radon away from you, your family and your guests.
  7. Follow every code – Almost everyone needs to rely on the expert knowledge of basement finishing contractors to pass inspections and stay on track. Trying to finish a basement without a contractor opens you up to legal liabilities, fines, and other setbacks.



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