5 Reasons Why Basement Fireplaces Are Popular

5 Reasons Why Basement Fireplaces Are Popular


5 Reasons Why Basement Fireplaces Are Popular

With winter fast approaching, basement fireplaces can keep your downstairs looking luxurious while simultaneously keeping out the cold. Here’s 5 reasons why basement fireplaces are a smart choice for this upcoming season.

1. Endless Aesthetic Options

Whether you have contemporary, traditional or modern tastes, an electric fireplace in the basement can easily enhance the decor. Aside from traditional mantel designs, basement fireplaces can be mounted on the wall, in the corner, inside of entertainment and media cabinets, and virtually anywhere else.  Check out these different basement fireplaces ideas to see the astonishing variety!

2. Complete Atmospheric Control

You can create just the right ambiance for intimidate get-togethers and large gatherings with an electric basement fireplace. Not only can you control how bright the flames are, but you can also determine the speed at which they flicker, their overall color, and many other attentive effects.

3. Durability

Electric fireplaces last longer than wood and gas fireplaces. They don’t rust or corrode, and they stay looking new for years.

4. Low Cost

Installing an electric fireplace costs far less than traditional fireplaces, and the best ones look virtually identical under a mantel. Electric fireplaces will also heat a room in your basement quickly without costing much.

5. Year-Round Use

Fireplaces in the basement can be used without heat if so desired, giving a warm cottage effect in the middle of the summer!

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