5 Benefits of Custom Bulkhead Doors

5 Benefits of Custom Bulkhead Doors


Custom basement doors come in many forms, including custom bulkhead doors. Custom bulkhead doors swing open from the ground; they are a tradition in the northeast region and were once used as the main entrance in homes. There is usually an indoor stairwell leading down to an interior doorway, giving you plenty of opportunities to impress with stair railing ideas and basement stair (steps) ideas.  

Though they have since lost their spot as the main entrance with the passage of time, custom bulk doors still have a place in your next basement finishing or remodeling project.

Safety Compliance

Maryland, Washington DC, and Virginia building codes all require basements to have an easy way out in the event of an emergency. The outward opening motion of custom bulkhead doors provide the smoothest escape possible in case of emergency.

Weather Resistant

Basement doors can be customized to meet the needs of your geographical location. Custom bulkhead doors in Virginia, Maryland and Washington DC are typically built slightly submerged in the ground and sealed, making them immune to floods and high rains.


Old basement doors can be pried open and are easy for criminals to break into. Custom basement doors come with the latest lock technologies meant to keep your valuables safe.

Durability and Cost

Custom basement doors are built to last for a long time and do not require much maintenance. The airtight sealant can also keep heat in your home, saving on energy bills every year.

Custom Bulkhead Doors Look Fantastic

Custom-built bulkhead doors are appealing to the eye. The intricate look of custom wooden bulkhead doors is simply stunning, while metal bulkhead doors have a style all of their own. Contact a professional basement remodeling contactor near you today to learn more.

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