4 Reasons to Invest in Custom Cabinets for Your Next Basement Remodeling Project

4 Reasons to Invest in Custom Cabinets for Your Basement


Custom cabinets in the basement are made from the finest materials and craftsmanship. Homeowners and businessowners are choosing custom cabinets for their basement design because of the following reasons.

1. Custom Cabinet Styles

Custom cabinets for the basement have a wider variety of colors, glazes and other finishing styles to choose from. Custom basement contractors can use specialty glazes, die stains, and other hand touchups to match the current design (like distressing wood for an antique look).

2. Exact Dimensions

Custom basement cabinets are built to an exact width, depth or height, easily opening up new custom basement design solutions. A custom cabinet is great for basement storage because it uses every square inch and does not need filler strips to fit nonstandard angles.

3. Durable Construction

BasementRemodeling.com installs cabinets using the best construction methods and can last generations, never losing their great look and feel. Standard cabinets, however, can actually cost more than custom basement cabinets over time due to replacement accessories and repairs.

4. Property Value

Custom basement cabinets in a luxury home or a commercial space can increase the value of your property. Many of our clients later recoup the value installing their custom cabinets after selling their property.

BasementRemodeling.com Provides Custom Cabinets in Maryland, DC and Virginia

BasementRemodeling.com includes custom cabinets as part of our basement remodeling process in Maryland, DC and Virginia, so contact the best basement remodeling contractors on the East Coast to discuss your next basement remodeling project.



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