4 Minimalist Design Ideas For Your Luxury Basement Remodel (With Pictures)

4 Minimalist Design Ideas for Your Luxury Basement Remodel (With Pictures)


4 Minimalist Design Ideas for Your Luxury Basement Remodel (With Pictures)

Minimalism is taking over basement remodeling in 2019. A basement with a minimalist touch will still look warm and cozy when done properly. Use these basement design ideas and pictures to tastefully incorporate minimalism into your next luxury basement renovation.   

Minimalist Furniture

Minimalism does not mean getting rid of all of the furniture. In fact, oversized furniture with soft and round edges is the ideal minimalist basement design. Chairs and couches with an angled pitch are in vogue; straight-back furniture, not so much. Coffee tables and basement entertaintment centers are still in-style, though they are condensed and no longer the centerpiece of the room.   

Angled minimalist furniture with soft, round edges in a Columbia, MD basement remodel. The basement entertainment center has been condensed into a two-level miniature table.

Natural Colors

Minimalism emphasizes texture over color. A natural palette consisting primarily of white, beige and brown will make subtle textural design choices more noticeable from up-close and at a distance. LVT flooring can show off earthy minimalist tones; rugs will add texture.

A multi-textured rug on LVT flooring with rounded furniture and a small off-centered coffee table creates the minimalist look for a basement refinishing in Arlington, VA.

Neutral Accessories

A “minimalist accessory” is not an oxymoron in basement remodeling terminology. Pillows, blankets and throws add texture and are acceptable. For the ultimate minimalist look, layer the room with muted neutral-colored accessories spread far apart.

Sparse, neutral-colored accessories add minimalist warmth and textures to a basement remodel in West Friendship, Maryland.


How to Avoid Monotony

One of the biggest challenges of embracing minimalism is keeping the area cheerful. Tasteful recessed lighting can help properly angle shadows and make the area look tidy instead of drab. Finally, don’t be afraid to break up the room with an accent wall as long as it looks natural.

An unpainted brick accent wall against a round black banister adds the perfect minimalist finish to this Washington DC rebuild.

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