3 Style Tips for Finished Basements

3 Style Tips for Finished Basements


As the leading basement remodeling contractor in Maryland, Virginia and Washington DC, BasementRemodeling.com understands what most people are looking for in a finished basement. Here are 4 style tips we always include in all of our basement remodeling projects!

Flooring That’s Comfortable

A cold concrete basement floor is the last thing you want to cross in the middle of the night with no shoes. Basement flooring should be as comfortable as the rest of the home, which is why we offer many basement flooring options.

Basement Paint Options

Basements have limited natural light, which makes paint appear a few shades darker than it would upstairs. Use lighter paint colors in rooms with artificial basement light options. You may be able to get away with darker tones in rooms that have natural light (from egress windows or a walk-out entrance).

Large Basement Furnishings

A finished basement has a lot of room for large furniture and other furnishings that would look too big in a smaller room. Sectional furniture and center tables are two popular basement furnishings. Modular furniture is a safe bet for matching the various spatial arrangements of a finished basement. Choosing furniture without arms will make the room look less crowded.

Want More Finished Basement Design Tips?

BasementRemodeling.com is ready to provide a Maryland, Virginia or Washington DC basement remodel full of style and functionality. All of our basement remodeling and basement finishing projects are furnished using an in-house basement design team. Contact us online to schedule a free consultation and estimate.

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