3 Reasons to Use Basement 3D Modeling Software

3 Reasons to Use Basement 3D Modeling Software


Architectural design is complicated, especially when it comes to effectively designing a basement. If you’ve ever gone through the design or home-building process, you know that what you plan and what actually happens tend to be a little different. The good news is that technology has come a long way, and in 2019 we don’t simply have to use traditional 2D house-plans anymore—we have access to highly sophisticated and advanced software for basement 3D modeling!

Not only does 3D modeling software help mitigate the difficulty of designing a layout, but it'll also save you countless hours of trial-and-error. There’s a lot that goes into design decisions that you don’t quite realize until you try it yourself. Colors, fixtures, angles, materials, pricing—these all play a vital role in the process.

So, whether you’re planning on remodeling, finishing, or just want to poke around at ideas for your basement, using 3D modeling software is your best, easiest, and cheapest starting point. We’ve narrowed down three distinct reasons you should use basement 3D modeling software before you get started on your next project. 

1. 3D modeling puts things in perspective

Unless you’re an artist, architect, or generally design-savvy, it can be extremely hard to convey a basement design you’re visualizing in your mind. Even if you can see it pretty clearly, how do you describe it to someone else without some of the details being “lost in translation?” With 3D modeling software, it’s much easier to translate what you’re picturing onto paper. 

3D modeling software provides access to hundreds of different options and design choices—all neatly organized and easily accessible. Your designs are limited solely by your imagination and creativity (and perhaps your willingness to dish out some cash). Basement 3D models will bring your ideas to life. Aside from actually physically being there, it’s one of the best ways to visualize your basement design.

Basement kitchen nook designed entirely with 3D modeling software
Basement kitchen nook designed entirely with 3D modeling software

2. You save on energy costs

Most house-plans these days are designed specifically with energy efficiency in mind. But basements in new houses notoriously go unfinished, and that can have a significant impact on your energy savings. 

Keeping your basement energy efficient is all about design choices. Some rather simple aspects of your design directly affect your year-round energy savings. For instance, strategically placing more windows on the side of your home facing the sun during the winter months will reduce your heating costs. It'll also provide more light to your basement!

3. Flexibility

Arguably the finest feature of 3D modeling software and most computer software is flexibility. Having a flexible 3D plan to work with allows for meticulous design choices—without fear of having to replace anything later.

Don’t like the way that furniture, fixture, or wall looks? Simply remove it! Want to see how a room would look in different colors? Change it! Floors can be modified to show carpet, tile, hardwood, and more. Walls can be painted with different colors and textures. You can even experiment with tiny details such as fixtures and furniture. With a comprehensive drag-and-drop interface, you have endless possible combinations and aesthetic choices. 

After you’re satisfied with a particular design, you can simply print it out or save your 3D design as a traditional 2D house plan. This plan will look precisely the same as if someone did it by hand! You can then use the floor plan for practical reasons, such as adhering to health and safety practices, ensuring you’re following proper building codes, and for sharing it with your contractor.

Bring your basement design to life with professional 3D modeling

Once you dig a little deeper into your 3D modeling software, you’ll realize you can only go so far. While the free software does offer some pretty neat features, it’s highly limited. Even the top-tier software will be limited unless you know how to design 3D models yourself. Having a seasoned professional work with you on the design makes things much easier in the long run. If you have a general idea of what you want, and you want to make it happen, it’s time to call a professional. 

3D modeled, top-down view of an elegant basement design that maximizes floor space usage
3D modeled, top-down view of an elegant basement design that maximizes floor space usage

At BasementRemodeling.com, we’re experts in every aspect of 3D modeling and design. Simply providing a description to our team is enough to map out what you're looking for accurately; and if it's not quite right, we'll change it until it is! Brilliant basement 3D modeling designs of your space are a part of our service. Not only do we walk you through your plan, but we'll also give you a free estimate on how much it’ll cost!

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